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People tend to develop veins problems due to prolonged standing/sitting/walking during their daily life. Spider veins, varicose veins are common symptoms we see. When left untreated, leg may swell and skin colour may turn dark, veins ulcers may develop when the veins problems get worse. 

We believe prevention is the key to various veins problems, wearing a compression stockings when your legs are still healthy to prevent leg fatigue and veins problems in long term.  

COMPMED's Compression Stockings are designed in Singapore and manufactured in our partner's world class manufacturing facility. We assure COMPMED's compression stockings are beautifully designed and manufactured with top-notch product quality.

Meanwhile, as representative for Viely Medical Compression Stockings developed by Roceso Technology, we work closely with medical institutions to provide medical compression stockings for patients with venous diseases.

Why do we need compression stockings?

Start wearing compression stocking now to prevent your legs from developing veins disease. 

Video credit: Spider and Varicose Veins Treatment Centre

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Our institutional clients

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