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A clinically proven medical electro-stimulation device with therapeutic effects upon various symptoms of venous insufficiency

Second Heart Technology

Veinoplus V.I. stimulates calf muscles, a peripheral heart or the second heart of your body, to increase blood flow in your calf veins and improve blood circulation for the whole circulatory system. This Second Heart® technology increases blood circulation and solve common leg problems related to venous insufficiency.




leg problems

When to use and Who is Veinoplus V.I. for?

Veinoplus VI uses patented waveform current to stimulate deep calf muscle contraction, promote the return of blood in veins to the heart, and reduce leg discomfort caused by blood stagnation in leg veins. Some specific occupations are more prone to slow blood flow in the legs due to posture problems and varicose veins. Therefore, it is especially recommended for the following people to use Veinoplus VI to prevent varicose veins:


The elderly





Sitting or standing for a long time

How to use Veinoplus V.I.

  • Place electrode pads on calf muscles

  • Turn on Veinoplus V.I. and choose the appropriate signal strength

  • Each session lasts 30 minutes and it stops automatically, you may also press the on/off button to stop the treatment anytime

  • Always disconnect the electrode pads from Veinoplus device after finishing the session

  • Gently peel off the electrode pads from the skin without pulling the cables

Clinical Evidences

Veinoplus V.I. has been demonstrated and documented in several clinical studies made since 2004 in France, UK, USA and Russia. Nowadays, Over 150000 people with venous problems in 40 countries have already chosen the technology Veinoplus V.I.

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